Month: January 2020


Keto/ Low Carb Chicken Pizza

Are you craving pizza, but not craving the carbs? Here is a recipe designed to not disappoint. Serves :1 Prep time : 10 minutes Ingredients: 1 lb of protein (ground turkey, ground chicken, beef 80/20) whatever you prefer. 1 low carb whole wheat tortilla Garlic powder to taste Black pepper to taste Parsley to taste […]

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Southern Fried Speckled Trout

This recipe can be used on any type of white fish. Very simple and easy to make Serves :4 -6 Prep time : 15-20 minutes Ingredients: 4 – 6 skinless fillets 2 lemons 1 bag of fish fry (Louisiana Blue Bag) 1 tablespoon of Tony Chachere’s creole mix Canola Cooking Oil Steps: Add cooking oil […]


Cucumber Lemon Detox Water Recipe

If you have a hard time hitting your daily water intake goals this is a nice hack. It only takes about 5 minutes for this, but to enhance the flavor it’s best if you let it sit overnight. How to make: Thinly slice a lemon and cucumber, add to the bottom of container you are […]


Keto Creamed Spinach

This is probably one of the quickest and easiest recipes you will ever come across. You can use fresh or frozen spinach for this recipe. Serves :4 -6 Prep time : 10 minutes Ingredients: 2 bags of fresh or frozen spinach 1 medium yellow or purple onion 2 tablespoons of butter Garlic powder to taste […]