30 Day Keto Challenge Day 1

Dear Reader,

So you made it thru day 1, so only 29 more days to go.. Go You!!

A few things of note, as your body starts to burn ketones for energy instead

of glucose you may experience what is known as the “Keto Flu“.

Keto Flu is defined as symptoms that people may experience when they

start the keto diet.

These are usually minor and short term, lasting between a few days and

weeks typically less than a week.

Symptoms of the keto flu include nausea, vomiting, headaches, and fatigue.

So how do we beat the keto flu?? A few things you may want to do..

*The list below is not exhaustive, but these are somethings that I have done in the past to help me push thru the symptoms of the keto flu.*

Drink More Water

People on the keto diet may experience dehydration. If the person also has

diarrhea, the risk of dehydration is higher.

Staying hydrated can help with symptoms like fatigue and muscle


In addition to water you can also drink bone broth and herbal teas.

Replace Electrolytes

Replacing dietary electrolytes may help reduce keto flu symptoms

Adding salt to food to taste and including potassium-rich, keto friendly

foods like green leafy vegetables and avocados are an excellent way to

ensure you are maintaining a healthy balance of electrolytes.

These foods are also high in magnesium, which may help reduce muscle

cramps, sleep issues and headaches.

Get More Sleep

A lack of sleep causes the stress hormone cortisol levels to rise in the body,

This can have a negative impact on mood and make keto flu symptoms


Eat More Fat

Transitioning to a low- carb diet can cause you to crave foods that are

restricted on the keto diet, such as cookies, bread, pasta and bagels.

If you are having a difficult time adapting to the keto diet you may have to

eliminate carbohydrates gradually, rather than all at once.


By taking a few steps mentioned above you can avoid the Keto Flu and

avoid being in the bed for a week.

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