About Me

Hello my name is Keidrick Pettaway AKA “Keydrick”, and I love to cook.

Thanks for visiting my little piece of the Internet.

I eat mostly #Keto and/or #Paleo based meals. Low carb mainly, real food with real ingredients.

I am writing this blog to you from the deep south, being in Mobile, Al.

I like CrossFit. When I’m not blogging or trying out new recipes, I am either working out or coding. In my “day time job” I am a full stack software engineer. At night and after hours I moonlight as a Amateur Chef and fitness enthusiast, small business owner, podcaster, and YouTuber.

I am currently working on a cookbook entitled . “30 under 30”. The concept is the book will consist of 30 keto/paleo based recipes that can be prepared in under 30 minutes.

Want to get in contact with me or find even more recipes?

If you have any questions about a recipe or a business inquiry, feel free to email me inketorecipes@gmail.com.

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